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10% - What makes a hero?


Who is a true HERO? What compels one to maintain their integrity, go against the grain and fight for what is JUST?

Award-winning director Yoav Shamir (Defamation, Checkpoint) sets out on an entertaining and insightful international quest, exploring the notion of heroism through a multi-faceted lens,


From ordinary heroes to freedom fighters, primates to humans, behavioral scientists to geneticists, even Ayn Rand to Raelians, Shamir leaves no stone unturned, and along the way unveils the fundamental truths of human nature.   





סרטו של יואב שמיר יחזק אולי את כל מה שחושבים על קולנוענים שמאלנים בארץ. ועדיין - זהו סרט מעניין ומעמיק על דרכו של הדוקומנטריסט הפרובוקטיבי לגילוי גיבורים מהיומיום.

Jerusalem Post


Yoav Shamir searches far and wide for the ‘10%’ in his new documentary.

Most of us wonder whether we would ever act heroically, but director Yoav Shamir has actually made a documentary on the subject. His latest film, 10% – What Makes a Hero?, which opens this week at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque, is a funny but often provocative look at the nature of heroism, as well as a chronicle of the director’s changing reactions to his own research.



Little did director-cinematographer Yoav Shamir dream, when embarking on an Internet campaign to raise funds for his latest movie, that he would hook the biggest fish of all: Oscar-winning filmmaker Michael Moore. Never before has the acclaimed and controversial Moore agreed to participate in producing a movie which he himself is not directing. Last week, he came on board as executive producer of the new documentary "10% - What Makes a Hero," and will no doubt lend it his inimitable, and inestimable added value.

Israeli Films- Review


10% What Makes a Hero, by Yoav Shamir, is an entertaining documentary look at what makes a hero, what makes someone go against the societal trend and do something altruistic because of what he believes. The filmmaker looks at American heroes such as a mild-mannered black man in Harlem who saved a man who fell on the subway tracks; he investigates Righteous among the Nations; and he interviews an anti-apartheid activist.

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