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Commercials and TV reports

 Commercials and other short videos

This is a commercial we were comissioned to do for Siemens. (Yes we know it does not look like one, that's the point...)

​​Musician, composer and producer Kutiman creates his own musical mash-up from other YouTube videos. Enough time and the right timing are his crucial co-composers.

This Video had over 120,000 views in it's first week!

Amnesty Video's- We care about Human rights, as you probably know if you are in our website.

Slum stories 


Al-Araqib is a Bedouin village in the South of Israel. It is not recognised by the state but the villagers have been living there a long time. Now the Israeli authorities want to plant a forest there. Time and time again bulldozers approach with hundreds of police in tow, to demolish the village. 'Like they were declaring war on a foreign country,' the chef of the village says.


This one of a series of Video's we did for Amnesty International about violtaions of human rights in Palestine and Israel.

more video's:

TV Reports we love doing. Welcome to the Netherlands!

MetropolisTV reports.

This is a cool Dutch TV program which We have been contributing reports to for a while.

It's a lot of fun, and we really enjoy this gig.

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