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Director:   Yoav shamir

Screenwriter:  Yoav shamir

Genre:  Documentary



Anyone who wants to understand the Jewish religion in the 21st century,

has to know the story of the “Rebbe”.

He held court with the likes of Nixon and Bush. He influenced peace talks, and drew the admiration of mysticism seekers from the pool of Hollywood celebrities. From Rabin to Netanyahu, Israeli leaders were drawn to his modest seat of power in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, New York, or have visited his grave.


The late Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson was “The Rebbe” of a 250 year-old orthodox Jewish sect known as Lubavitch or “Chabad” (an acronym for wisdom and devotion) who built over the course of 43 years an empire estimated at $1 billion.


The multiple award-winning director Yoav Shamir's (Defamation, and Checkpoint) new documentary will paint an unforgettable portrait of Schneerson, showing how from an aspiring trained electrical engineer he turned into a charismatic leader who believed that he and his Lubavitch/Hassidic emissaries could transform the world. 

"Massiah" trailer

Yoav and Tanya in front of the Rebbe's house

Tha annual Chabad shluchim convention in brooklyn




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