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Military service is compulsory in Israel for all Jewish men and women. After their years of service, they are granted a discharge bonus, which many of them use to fly to India to recover from their experiences . Approximately 90 per cent will use drugs during their stay, and each year some two thousand of them will need professional help due to this drug use. The psychotic break with reality they experience is commonly referred to as “flipping out.”

Shot over a period of two years by Yoav Shamir, Flipping Out offers a close-up look at these former soldiers, most of them under the age of 25, as they follow this strange post-military odyssey. From the guest houses of northern India to the beach resorts of Goa in the south, the film reveals the pervasive culture of drugs and hedonism that leaves some of these young people battling for their sanity. It also offers a look at the efforts by Israelis to rescue them such as people like Helik Magnus, an ex- Mossad agent hired by families in Israel to bring some of the most disturbed backpackers home.



Who's hating whom?

Yoav Shamir's film about antisemitism has drawn both praise and criticism. So what's it like being dubbed 'the Israeli Mel Gibson'?

"Defamation", le documentaire polémique de Yoav Shamir

arte Journal |  January 2010

Dans son dernier documentaire "Defamation", diffamation en français, Yoav Shamir brocarde avec beaucoup d'ironie, voire même une certaine fermetéle sentiment de...

Tribeca '09 Interview: "Defamation" Director Yoav Shamir

Indiewire | 

"I drifted for a long time after my military service, traveled all over the world with a motorbike for about 3 years--one year of traveling for each year of military service....

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