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'God, give me a little more time’, sighs Marta Valdez-Rodriguez. Marta is sixty, is a little overweight, but still clearly shows the features of a woman who was once beautiful. In the 1960s she was a diva, as the singer of the immensely popular band Luis Valdez y su Conjunto. Along with her lifetime companion and bandleader Luis, she scored triumphs in the nightclubs of Cuba and - before the revolution - abroad. Today, they live in a modest house in Havana. The devoted couple (‘Marta is my queen, my everything, my music’) brings back memories of the golden era. To the subtle accompaniment of Luis Valdez’ music, we see how these stars, who have lapsed into oblivion, survive. Luis - who gives free music lessons to local children - with melancholy, Marta with pragmatism, and both with the love for each other and the music.



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