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5 days is an action-packed documentary that tells the story of the emotionally charged Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip in August 2005.

On 15 August 2005, Israel began the disengagement of the Gaza Strip. In a unilateral move decided on by the Israeli government, Jewish settlers were removed from their homes and villages. This is one of the most significant historical events of the past few decades in the Middle East. After years of confrontation with the Palestinians, the Israeli army has earned a reputation for its brute strength. For the first time, it is being forced to turn its fist against the Jewish population. This film tracks the key events of the disengagement over the course of five days. Unprecedented access to the Israeli army and settlers opens the door to seven film crews, who simultaneously follow the intriguing figures involved in the event, creating a cinematic experience that combines the drama of 24 and Rashomon. This cinematic "operation" is conducted by Yoav Shamir, whose camera also personally follows General Dan Harel, Chief of the Southern Command, in charge of the disengagement. This human mosaic tells its story from very different perspectives, describing Israeli society in all its complexity as it deals with a unique historical moment.


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